Thursday, 3 December 2015

Rae reads...a bit about me.

Just a few details about me...updated!!!

So now I have had chance to go a bit more in depth I guess I will start at the beginning, I have loved reading from a young age and I guess I have my mum to thank for that. She was always buying me books and she would take the time to sit and read either to me or with me. As I got older I started using libraries to read more and more and as I was a bit of a geeky teenager one of my favourite places to go to was in fact our local library. Like a lot of small libraries it unfortunately closed, cutbacks I suppose! I now use the larger library in our town and also their ebook service.

I read pretty much all formats paperbacks, hardbacks and ebooks. I guess at the moment with having young children ebooks are a little bit easier to use. This way I don't end up leaving books around that can fall into tiny hands to be ripped! Luckily this hasn't happened yet but you never know. So for ease of use and for the books own safety you will normally find me reading a book on my kindle or even my phone.

My favourite genres are romance and thrillers but I have been known to read the occasional Sci-Fi book and autobiographies. Romance wise I am partial to historical romance but contemporary is also something I read often. If I like the sound of a book no matter what genre I will normally give it a go.

I have received books through giveaways which I am now getting around to reviewing I feel it's a good way of giving something back. Especially after the authors have taken the time to run a giveaway/competition. I do have to say that I will always give an honest review so if I find fault I will say so. I will however do it in a tactful way, after all there is no need to be unkind!

If any author or publisher is kind enough to want to send me a book for review I will always consider reviewing said book. 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my blog!

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