Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Rae reads... A Case of Good Manners by Karen Carter, Jenny Feely

About the books:

12 mini board books in a glossy carry case with handle. Perfect for young readers and parents - teaching good manners in a fun way!

My thoughts:

First of all thank you to Sweet Cherry Publishing for kindly sending me this lovely carry case full of books for both my children and I to enjoy!

The 12 books are split into three sections which include:

Don't forget your manners | Good habits to have | Getting along with others

The 12 books include:

Kindness | Honesty | Keep Trying | Excuse Me | Thank You | Taking Turns | Listening | Sorry | Confidence | Sharing | Helping | Please

My first impression of the case was that it had a lovely fun design with colorful animal characters. Perfect for catching our little ones attention.

I loved that at the back of each board book there was a helpful hints section that encouraged parents to interact with their children in relation to the book. For example in the Thank You book it gave a tip such as talking about how and when you might say Thank You. 

e.g What would you say if someone helped you while you were playing?

Both my one and three year old loved looking at the pictures and reading the short and clear sentences. The illustrations were bright and colourful and caught my childrens attention. All of the books are easy to understand which is great for young children.

All 12 books when turned over create a cute jigsaw which we all enjoyed putting together, this was a lovely added bonus.

I do have to say that after reading the Please book I noticed my three year old using the word please without being prompted. Which was lovely!

A Case of Good Manners is a great set of books that encourage children to learn good manners & habits. They are perfect for younger children and it is lovely to see an improvement with my child saying the word please. I hope that each time we read my three year old is encouraged to learn.

Five stars from myself and my little ones!

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