Saturday, 9 July 2016

Rae reads... Love After All by Julie Tetel Andresen

About the book:

NYU professor Laurel Jennings has spent her career climbing the ladder in the academic world. Dedication has yielded a deanship and a home in New York City's Greenwich Village, but her smile hides her long-suppressed pain of rejection.

Gino Milano is one of New York's most successful restaurateurs. Family-oriented, generous, kind, and hospitable, the death of his beloved wife of thirty-five years has left Gino wandering from fling to fling, without the intention of finding that kind of relationship again.

On the eve of college reunion season, this reserved divorcee and passionate widower cross paths in the lobby of their building. Faced with the prospect of being the only one of her friends to attend their thirty-fifth college reunion alone, Laurel impulsively asks the first man she sees. Gino, intrigued by her candor, agrees to help -- but dismisses any possibility of romantic interest.

In need of help of his own, Gino offers Laurel a deal: he will accompany her to her reunion at Duke if she helps him fend off the advances of women at his own weekend of fundraising events. Initial doubts give way to playful moments and personal revelations as matters come to a head on a beautiful April weekend at Duke University. Can both of them find love after all they have been through?

My thoughts: 

When I read the description for the book I liked the idea of an older couple as it made things a little more interesting.

I found the characters of Laurel and Gino very likeable they both had heartbreak in their pasts especially Gino. I really became invested in their story and I hoped they would get their happy ever after. It was great to read the story from both points of view as I felt it gave extra depth to the book.

Their relationship was realistic and the story was well written. As it is a fairly short story I thought that things may become rushed but this never happened. The plot was straightforward, easygoing and moved at a good pace. New York was the setting for the story and it was perfect. 


Love After All is a sweet and enjoyable story that left me with a smile!

Four stars from me!

Thank you to Julie Tetel Andresen for kindly sending me a copy to read and review. This is my honest opinion.

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