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Blog Tour - Review, Extract & Giveaway - True Colours by Elly Redding

I am delighted to be a part of the Blog Tour for True Colours by Elly Redding. Today on my blog I have an extract, my review and a lovely giveaway too!
First of all let's take a look at the description of the book.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 25 November 2016
Publisher: SilverWood Books
Could you ever trust again – the man who broke your heart?
Kate Fenton thought she’d got the answer to that question all neatly sewn up. Ever since she went to Saul Preston’s London art gallery, a month before their wedding, and found him with his assistant – who looked as if she was in the middle of a game of strip poker.
Now, three years later, she’s no longer so sure. Saul’s back in her life with a new proposition – accompany him on a trip to Majorca as his interpreter. It’s an offer Kate can’t refuse, even though she knows she should. Successful and rich, he’s just the sort of client her translation company is trying to attract – even if he is her two-timing ex!
Saul’s never gone in for second chances. He’s never had the time, but he knows exactly what he’s doing when he suggests the trip to Kate. As gorgeous and infuriatingly easy to fall for as ever, he’s determined to rekindle their past. And he’s only got 3 days to do it…

Available in Kindle and Paperback!

True Colours’ – Winner of The Festival of Romance’s New Talent Award 2014
From award-winning author Elly Redding comes a fresh, effervescent, passionate romance that reunites Kate, a London career girl, with Saul, her seriously successful, rich and gorgeous, ex-fiancĂ©. He’s already broken her heart once, so maybe accepting his business proposition isn’t such a good idea. But sometimes decisions just aren’t that easy. As the chemistry between them bubbles with renewed vigour, Kate is sorely tempted. Can a leopard really change its spots – or is she just deceiving herself, with the man who broke her heart?
A wonderfully warm romance, with lots of emotion and passion, and a generous sprinkling of delicious wit. I loved this story!” – Joanne Walsh, author

Go away,” she shouted frantically reassessing her options.
I don’t really think you’re in a position to make demands, do you, trapped as you are? Unless, of course, you’re thinking of taking up abseiling. In which case, may I advise restraint? You’re on the fourth floor. You’re afraid of heights and I’m not standing in the right place to catch you.”
Good. It would ruin the whole point of the exercise if he was. She didn’t tell him that though. Instead she suggested he make an appointment, that if he wanted to see her, he should do what everyone else did.
But I’m not everyone else, am I? I’m the guy who’s still considering suing you for breach of contract.”
Contract - what contract?”
Your promise to marry me.”
You bastard.” It was the first thing she could think of to say, but she thought it summed up the situation perfectly. “In which case, may I suggest you contact my lawyer? I think you’ll find I’ve a very strong case for a counter claim. Or has something conveniently slipped your memory? Let me give you a clue. She had an amazing pair of breasts.”
My Review

As soon as I read the description I knew I had to read True Colours, from the lovely cover to the characters this story sounded perfect to curl up with and relax. So what did I think...
Straight away I will admit to enjoying second chance love stories they always manage to pull at my heart strings. Especially as to what could have been if certain events hadn't taken place. Now I don't necessarily believe in having regrets and letting them weigh you down. However sometimes mistakes happen so its always lovely to read a story where there may be a chance to put things right. True Colours shows this perfectly with two characters who definitely have a complicated history. Everything seemed crystal clear to Kate when she found Saul with his assistant who happened to be half undressed at the time. However three years later when Saul comes looking for Kate to work as a translator can she put the past behind her and keep things professional?

I became immersed in the story pretty much from the start, Elly Redding has created some really engaging characters. Even if at times I wanted to tell them to just talk to each other and in turn listen. There were plenty of misunderstandings along the way which definitely kept things interesting. Saul and Kate have amazing chemistry that seems to jump off the page right at you. Trust is a major theme and Kate has little of it left especially where Saul is concerned. Once I started I really didn't want to put it down until I had finished. I had to know how things would end and if Kate would get her happy ending. 

True Colours has a lovely light feeling to it, both the characters and story left me with a smile which was a lovely way to finish the day!

Four and a half stars from me!

Thank you to Elly Redding and Brook Cottage Books for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.


Elly Redding was born in London but now lives in Bedfordshire with her husband.
Having originally written screenplays, her first novel, ‘True Colours’, won the Festival of Romance’s New Talent Award in 2014.
She enjoys tap dancing and watching the waves, although not necessarily at the same time!
She keeps in touch with her readers on Twitter and Facebook


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