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Accidental Damage by Alice May @AliceMay_Author @emmamitchellfpr #BlogTour #extract #giveaway

Thank you for joining me for my stop on the Blog Tour for Accidental Damage by Alice May. I have an extract to share with you today along with a great giveaway to enter!

First of all let's take a look at the description for the book.

Book: Accidental Damage
Author: Alice May
Blog Tour: 10th to 16th April

Book blurb:

If you think the normal school run on a Monday is entertaining, you should try doing it from a tent in your back garden surrounded by the jumbled-up contents of your entire home. It is vastly more diverting. 

Our heroine has survived the sudden collapse of her home - or has she?

Certain events two and a half years ago, led her to deliberately destroy an important piece of herself, hiding away all remaining evidence that it ever existed. What happens when she decides to go looking for it?

Does she really deserve to be whole again?

Inspired by a true story, this is an account of one woman’s secret guilt and her journey in search of forgiveness!

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Definition: a preliminary statement by the author to the reader

Please allow me to introduce you to our heroine.

Unfortunately I am forced to admit that she is not at her best at the moment. An honest raconteur would tell you that, in fact, she is a complete mess.

However, that is rather the point of this tale!

There is the mother of all tempests raging outside and she is trying to pretend that she is not absolutely petrified. (Between you and me, she is not hiding it terribly well.) As a person who does not know her, you would be forgiven for thinking that she is a bit of a wimp.

You are entitled to your opinion of course, but perhaps you might consider giving her the benefit of the doubt. After all, she remembers being a very different person.
There was a time when she was a strong and confident individual and found such squalls exhilarating. She remembers running along a beach in Spain one stormy night (more years ago now than she cares to recall) hand in hand with the love of her life, drenched with heavy rain, laughing as angry waves snatched at their ankles while thunder and lightning cascaded down around them shattering the darkness.

In short, she used to love storms.

Once upon a time she felt indestructible. Sadly our heroine cannot claim to possess such an indomitable spirit anymore. That person is gone.

What on earth happened?

You might well ask!

There are countless ways that hearts can break and now, when the lightning flashes and the thunder roars, our heroine jumps in terror. She tries valiantly to pretend that she is not hiding away and whimpering quietly deep inside herself like a wounded animal. Unable to rest she paces her home from room to room looking for somewhere safe to hide, searching desperately for something to divert her attention so that she can ignore what is happening outside.

Today, she is in luck! Something fairly momentous is about to happen to her which will distract her completely from the stupendous meteorological conditions currently stomping around.

She is about to revisit the past.
I will leave her to tell you all about it, now.

After all, it is her story, not mine.

Author bio:

At forty-five-years old, I am a multi-tasking mother with four not-so-small children and I am fortunate enough to be married to (probably) the most patient man on the planet.  We live in, what used to be, a ramshackle old cottage in the country.
My conservatory is always festooned with wet washing and my kitchen full of cake.
Following several years exhibiting as a mixed media artist, I decided that 2016 was the year I would start writing. Inspired by true-life events and fuelled by some really frantic painting sessions ‘Accidental Damage’ wouldn’t leave me alone until it was written. I really hope you enjoy it.

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