Monday, 24 April 2017

Stuck With You by Carla Burgess @MsBear123 #Review @HQDigitalUK

About the book

One lift. Two strangers. Anything could happen! 
Elena thought that today would be just like any other day…until the supermarket lift jams and she realises she’s stuck.
And not just stuck in the lift. Stuck with her childhood crush, Daniel Moore, who unfortunately seems to be just as gorgeous as she remembered…
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My Review

I couldn't help but be drawn to this story after reading the blurb. It isn't every day you get stuck in a lift with your childhood crush. Is it ever a good idea to revisit the past well let's take a look at what I thought...
My heart went out to Elena I could totally get where she was coming from in relation to her crush. I think most people can admit to at one point in their life being in Elena's position of unrequited love but maybe not in such a slightly stalker esque way!
I loved the part in the lift and how everything played out it was great to see Daniel and Elena's first meeting in years. I have to admit I think I had a bit of a crush on Daniel myself at that point. Their chemistry is pretty perfect and I really was hoping for a happy ever after but will everything turn out ok in the end?

There are plenty of comical moments which were just right for cheering me up. I have to say Elena's box that she kept to remind her of Daniel was a great source of amusement. Although at times pretty embarrassing for Elena!

This story had charm, romance and definitely left me with a warm glow. The pace of the story was good, the storyline kept my interest throughout with a fun and entertaining plot.

Stuck With You had me completely entertained with a delightfully light and engaging story!

Thank you to HQDigitalUK & Netgalley for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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  1. Sounds a fun read...though I get nervous just thinking about being stuck in a lift haha x