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I am delighted to be sharing my review today as part of the blog tour for The Other Side by Kaylor Ward. There is also a great extract to read and a fab giveaway to enter!


Genre: Contemporary Fiction
(Jodi Picoult meets Clare Makintosh)
Release Date:  14th May 2017
Publisher: Parker Press Publishing

Lauren is locked in a cell. She knows she shouldn’t be there.

When Lauren and Rick are left an allotment they embark on a lifestyle change that is supposed to bring their step-family closer together. They embrace the chance for a slice of the good life, fresh air and family times together. Lauren and Rick are in love and happy but sometimes their past issues surface. For Lauren it’s the affair that her first husband had before he left her. For Rick it’s the children he was alienated from and forced to leave behind seven years ago.

One day a new family move into a cottage behind the allotment. That day changes everything. That day they start falling apart.

Praise for The Other Side
‘A  wonderful new voice in cross-genre women's fiction that will keep you spellbound’ Best-selling author, Catrin Collier
'A thoroughly enjoyable, bittersweet read' Helen Carey


The door shut with a cold, hard slam sending harsh metallic echoes around her. Her eyes shot warily from left to right as she raked her fingers through her hair and tried to make sense of her situation. She was in a cell. She had asked them not to lock her in, but they hadn’t paid her any attention. Where there had been a face a few seconds ago, there was now a slammed metal door with peeling grey paint showing the cracking blue paint beneath. She hated confined spaces. They told her there was a buzzer if she needed anything. Needed anything?
Panic welled in her chest, her throat and her brain as the grey walls and the naked single white light closed around her. Breathe...breathe...slow...down... This was not the place for a panic attack. Not here, not today. She was alone. She had to get through this. Focus...focus... Think yourself somewhere else.
She thought of her daughters, their smiles and their joy. She lay on the hard thin plastic mattress on the concrete bed, and pulled a thin blue blanket over her head to block out the light, to block out the room, and to block out now.

My Review

As you can see from the prologue it's the type of beginning that made me instantly sit up on the sofa, it was the perfect way to get my attention. As I got into the story this opening definitely left me with an unsettled feeling as to what will happen in the future. It was as if a dark cloud was hanging over this family and it was a great way of bringing tension into the story. Even though everything starts wonderfully as they get into the spirit of tidying up the allotment you know something is lurking around the corner!

The story moves quickly and it felt as if I was well and truly pulled into Lauren's life. It was so interesting to see how everything fell apart especially because the past isn't put to rest properly. The relationship between Lauren and Rick was portrayed well and I really got to know them as a couple. They were developed well and the way Lauren's insecurities got the better of her was shown brilliantly. Due to her past experiences it must have been hard for her to trust again.

This book had a fantastic way of keeping my attention mainly because I was never quite sure where the story was going. I was definitely kept on my toes right up until the very last page. I am so glad I picked this book up to read such an engaging story about relationships, love and trying to keep a family together.

The Other Side is full of secrets, lies and obsession!

Thank you to Kaylor Ward & Brook Cottage Books for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion. 

Kaylor Ward, originally from London, now lives in South Wales. She worked for many years as a management consultant and trainer, writing part-time until her first book was published under the name, Michaela Weaver (Manic Mondays). She has studied creative writing at Masters level, and in addition to her writing she is a qualified Writing Coach. Michaela is a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, and a reader for their New Writers' Scheme. Michaela writes cross genre contemporary fiction with psychological twists often about the darker side of family and domestic life.

Twitter: @kaylorward



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