Monday, 25 September 2017

Poppy's Tail by Cate Douglas @CateDouglasAuth #Review

Poppy dreams it would be fun to have a tail.

But which kind will she choose?

She tries out many different animal tails, then invents her own and finds lots of amusing and original ways to use it.

With vibrant illustrations and light-hearted rhyme, Poppy’s Tail is a playful and engaging picture book, beautifully designed to capture a young child’s imagination and keep the reader entertained.

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With this being a children's book review you can also expect to hear a little from my two children Dex, 4 and Missy, 2 and what they thought about this story...

After telling my two little ones that we would be expecting a story through the post they were pretty excited. When it arrived we had to have the story read straight away and since that first time it is now one of the (many) books that we read at bedtime. So definitely a new favourite!

The rhyme is straight forward and flows beautifully making it a pleasure to read out loud. I also liked the fact that the book really helped to grab both my children's attention especially Dex. He loved all of the different varieties of tails that Poppy could choose from. Dex chose the fish as his favourite and Missy liked the squirrel's tail. In the story Poppy eventually settles for a rainbow tail, then you have all the different and interesting ways that Poppy would use her new tail. Dex thought that swirling it around looked to be the most fun. Missy pointed at the part where it tickles Poppy on her nose and said tickle. So I'm guessing that would be her favourite!

The illustrations are bright and eye catching with lots of different colours used perfect for children to take notice. Dex who has just started school also enjoyed retelling the story after reading which goes to show his enjoyment and interest in the story. I always love a book that will make a child ask questions it shows a lovely level of engagement and anything that engages a child's interest in reading is a wonderful thing! I am so lucky to have two bookworms in the making so it's always extra special finding books like Poppy's Tail and it really make a fabulous addition to our bookcase!

A delightfully fun story!

Five stars from Rae, Dex & Missy

With thanks to Cate Douglas for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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