Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Persuading Austen by Brigid Coady @beecee #Review

ARC received from Netgalley.

Annie Elliot never expected her life to turn out this way: living with her dad, working as an accountant – surely the least glamorous job in Hollywood?! – and dodging her family’s constant bickering.
Landing a job as a producer on a new adaptation of Pride and Prejudice seems like the piece of luck she’s been waiting for. Until the cast is announced, and Annie discovers that the actor playing Mr Darcy is Austen Wentworth: the man she’s spent nearly a decade trying to forget.
Not only is Austen her ex – but while Annie’s life has stalled, Austen is Hollywood’s hottest property…and has just been voted World’s Sexiest Man.
With nowhere to hide, there’s just one question. Now the one who got away has come back, should Annie stand by her pride? Or give into Austen’s powers of persuasion?

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Even though I'm a fan of Jane Austen I also love the books that re imagine her stories so I was definitely looking forward to reading Persuading Austen. As you may guess from the title or in fact the description it is a modern day version of Persuasion. You have Annie who I instantly felt for as her family life is very tricky. She is stuck firmly in the middle trying to keep everything and everyone happy. However there is no one really looking out for her. There were times when I did wish that she would stick up for herself but on the other hand she is that used to being walked over I could see how difficult it would be to make a stand.

The story moves smoothly and there is some humour that deflects away from how Annie is treated. I don't think I will ever see My Little Pony in the same way again ;) Even though they could be annoying Annie's family are all big personalities and do bring a little fun and entertainment into the story. The romance was a lovely extra but I loved seeing Annie emerge from her families shadow. Even though it follows closely to the original there are a few lovely suprises that put a fresh and interesting twist on things. The ending definitely left me sighing and smiling away to myself.

Persuading Austen is fun, light hearted and entertaining!

With thanks to HQ Digital & Netgalley for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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