Sunday, 10 April 2016

Rae reads... Someone Else's Skin by Sarah Hilary

I reviewed this book a while ago but saw it on my bookshelf yesterday and I thought I would share the review here.

Someone Else's Skin by Sarah Hilary

Right from the very first page Someone Else's Skin grabbed my attention. It starts off with the main character Marnie Rome at a murder scene which leaves her devastated. The story then goes back to the present day, where Marnie is now a Detective Inspector. Along with Detective Sergeant Noah Jake they are visiting a women's refuge to speak to someone who can assist them in a case. As soon as they arrive however they stumble across a man bleeding heavily from a stab wound.

This is the start of a rollercoaster of twists and turns that this book takes you on. I could hardly put the book down it kept my attention throughout and it never really had any dull moments. There is some violence in the book but I don't think it is too over the top.

Marnie Rome was one of the most interesting characters I have read in a long time. Her back story was a great one and it really added depth to the character. I liked the fact that she wasn't perfect and that even though she projected a confident and together exterior that wasn't totally accurate.

Overall this book was a great read, all of the characters brought something to the story. The ending was good and I was happy with how the story was concluded. I would love to read more books following Marnie Rome so I do hope that there will be a second in the series!

Five stars from me!

Thank you for my Goodreads First Reads copy.

Since I wrote this review there have been more books released in the series. If they are as compelling as this book they will be well worth a read!

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