Sunday, 7 August 2016

Ideas to keep the little ones entertained!

So we all know there is nothing worse than a child who is bored. However I know I don't want to be constantly spending money. So here are a few tips I have picked up since Dex and Missy arrived. 

These ideas are either low cost or free using items you may already have in the house. These tips are all for in the house so are perfect for when the weather gets cold!

  • Make a home made ramp for cars to go over. This is pretty simple just get some cardboard and fold over one end to create a hill. You can always use sellotape to secure especially if you are making a large ramp.
  • In most pound shops you can find lining paper which is basically a big roll of paper. We unroll and then can draw anything you want for example a road for cars. Perfect for car mad boys and girls! We also draw scenery like trees and clouds etc.
  • If you don't have all the ingredients for baking there are plenty of ready mix baking kits for cookies, buns etc. It's always fun for children to mix up. Obviously can get messy so just be prepared with aprons & floor mats. 
  • If you have any old clothes that aren't fit to give to charity. You can cut up and then let them use the fabric to make pictures. It can be just random patterns or you can draw a person and then your child can dress them! Again can get messy with using the pva glue so aprons and mats are a must!

 I hope this post has been a little bit helpful.

Please feel free to post in the comments if you have any tips to add. Its always great to discover new things to keep the little ones entertained!

Rae, Dex and Missy 

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