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Blog Tour - Review - The Girls in the Woods by Helen Phifer

About the book:

Don’t go into the woods. Because you’re in for a big surprise…

In an old album there is a beautiful Victorian photo that captures three young sisters, staring silently at one another. Only the trained eye can see the truth hiding in plain view. One of the sisters is already dead.

Annie Ashworth is currently off duty. With her baby bump growing fast, she is under strict instructions to stay away from police work and look after herself, especially as she has a history of leading danger right to her door. So when her police officer husband, Will, is called to the discovery of a skeleton buried out in the local woods, Annie tries to keep out of the investigation. But as another body is discovered and her own niece suddenly goes missing, staying away just isn’t an option.

As Annie is soon to discover, a picture really does tell a thousand stories. But which one leads to a killer?

The gripping new detective thriller that will haunt you



About the author:

Helen lives in a small town called Barrow-in-Furness with her husband and five children and has done since she was born. It gets some bad press, but really is a lovely place to live. Surrounded by coastline and not far from the beautiful Lake District. She has always loved writing and reading, she loves reading books which make the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. Unable to find enough scary stories to read she decided to write her own. 

Her debut novel 'The Ghost House' was published by Carina UK in October 2013 and went on to become a best seller along with the rest of the Annie Graham series. The Secrets of the Shadows, The Forgotten Cottage, The Lake House and The Girls in the Woods. Her next book The Good Sisters which is a stand alone, ghost story is released on the 13th October 2016.

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My review:

When I read the description for The Girls in the Woods I was intrigued as to how the story would play out. The cover has a bit of a chilling feel to it so I was looking forward to finding out what happens. 

So what did I think...

I really enjoyed that there was a supernatural aspect to the story it gave the book an interesting edge. I didn't realise this was part of a series of books before I started. However I quickly discovered that it can easily be read as a standalone book. The reader is told about Annie's previous traumas and what occurred in the other books so I didn't end up feeling confused. Although with everything that has happened to Annie I would love to go back and read the series from the beginning. The story moved at a good pace and there were no slow parts so my attention was kept throughout.

One of the best things I liked about this book was that nothing was straightforward in this story. I thought I knew where things were headed and then things ended up going in a completely different direction. I was definitely kept on my toes!

I loved the humour that the characters had and the strong bonds they shared. Annie was a capable and resilient character and she has been through quite a lot in her life. I found her really likeable and her character well written.


I couldn't wait to see if Annie Graham would solve the murders, see how everything would end and also how much trouble Annie would find herself in along the way. 

If you like a gripping, exciting story with a paranormal edge then The Girls in the Woods is the perfect book!

Four and a half stars from me!

Thank you to Carina UK & Netgalley for my copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.


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