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Weekend Blitz - Excerpt, Review & Giveaway - Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening by Gina Dickerson

About the book:

Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening' is the first book in the Mortiswood Tales Series.

Published by Authors Reach

“They’ve been waiting lifetimes for you, Kaelia. They want you and will stop at nothing to have you.”

The warning’s rung in Kaelia’s ears since she discovered she’s far from the ordinary girl who grew up in the coastal town of Margate. She has power. The first time she shows it, death strikes, the second, she loses someone special, and on the third, her mother disappears.

Destiny is coming for Kaelia and there’s nowhere she can hide. THEY have stepped out of the shadows to find her. For generations, there have been whispers of The Chosen One. They speak of a name - Marrock - whose destiny entwines with that of The Chosen One.

Kaelia must avenge the wrongs, uncover who Marrock is, find her mother, and . . . FIGHT

Facing forces of depraved evil, magic, and myth, Kaelia’s search leads her through magical forests and unearthly realms.

Who, or what, can Kaelia trust? Is she strong enough to survive the horror? All she knows is her life will never be the same again . . .



‘There’s no need to be afraid.’ The male interloper held out his hands in a calming gesture, lifting his angular shoulders.

Kaelia glanced at the wolf; it was growing weaker by the minute. ‘Who are you?’

‘Bran.’ The man raised a dark eyebrow, flint eyes glittering.

‘Did The Salloki send you for me?’

At the mention of the name, the wolf growled again.

Bran slipped his hands into the pockets of his dark coat. ‘No.’ A shaft of moonlight caught the deep line of his scar, emphasising it.

Kaelia didn’t trust him. ‘What are you doing here at this time in the morning?’

‘I could ask you the same thing.’ His lips curled into a grin.

‘Don’t play word games.’

‘Fine.’ The smile dropped from Bran’s face. ‘I was looking for you.’

‘You know who I am?’

Bran strode to her, towering head and shoulders above her. ‘You’re Kaelia.’ His eyes sliced into her. 

‘The Chosen One.’

‘It was you calling me.’ Determined not to be intimidated, Kaelia raised her chin. ‘If you’re not part of The Salloki, how do you know who I am?’

‘Because we are alike.’

‘You’re chosen, too?’

Bran shook his head, dark hair flopping across his forehead, concealing part of his scar. ‘Our powers are linked. Sorcery runs through our veins.’

Kaelia snorted despite herself. ‘Poison is the only thing running through mine at the moment.’


‘I’m not showing you, I don’t know you!’

‘Not yet you don’t.’

‘Meaning I will?’


About Gina

Gina Dickerson lives by the Thanet coast on the north-eastern tip of Kent with her family and playful Siberian husky. She writes dark fiction and is the author of the dark fantasy, adventure, romance series Mortiswood Tales, and Always Golden – a dark, twisted fairy tale, among others. She is a full-time author and has also been a columnist for her local newspaper. She designs under the name RoseWolf Design and is also part of Authors Reach, a co-operative formed with four other authors.

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My Review

My thoughts:

From the first chapter I was drawn into Kaelia's world, everything is described brilliantly with just the right amount of detail. Kaelia is such an interesting character she is strong, determined and loyal to her friends. One of my favourite characters was Calix, I loved the friendship that he shares with Kaelia. Each character has depth, is well written and by the end of the book I was definitely invested in the characters. A special mention has to go to one character and that is the Vallesm/wolf I loved every scene that the wolf was in. I thought the connection between both Kaelia and the wolf was great.

The story kept me guessing as to which direction it would take next and my attention was kept throughout. The book was a perfect length to keep me interested and it kept a good pace with no slow parts. I particularly liked that the book started when Kaelia was born and then jumped to a different couple of different periods in her life. Then when she was 19 years old thats when Kaelia's journey begins. By the time I had got a third of the way through I didn't want to put the book down. I couldn't wait to see how this book would end and if Kaelia would find any answers. Please note: there is a cliffhanger ending.


I don't regularly read this genre but I loved the description of the book and I am so glad I gave Kaelia Awakening a try as it definitely exceeded my expectations. I will be on the lookout to read the next in the series (description for Kaelia Falling is a bit further down) when I get the chance as i'm pretty hooked!

If you are a fan of fantasy then Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening is ideal for you!

Five stars from me!

Thank you to Neverland Blog Tours & Gina Dickerson for my copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.


The blurb for the next book in the Mortiswood Tales Series is as follows:

Mortiswood: Kaelia Falling' is the second book in the Mortiswood Tales Series.

Published by Authors Reach

With the promise of power comes the threat of the ultimate sacrifice . . .

Losing those she loves and learning she’s The Chosen One catapulted Kaelia’s life into the fast lane. Having battled Dybbuk demons, discovered an unexpected ally in the form of a Vallesm, and ventured through Niflheim, her adventure is far from over.

Determined to fulfil her destiny as the one who will destroy The Salloki, Kaelia still has many obstacles to overcome. As secrets rise to the surface and Kaelia’s powers continue to evolve, she is not the only one fighting a battle . . .

Can Calix find a Rosealrium bloom in time to stop Cadence’s transformation? What exactly is the truth behind Bran’s connection to the goddess Hel? And will Kaelia finally uncover what happened to her mother?

One thing is certain, Kaelia is not the only one who is evolving . . .



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