Thursday, 2 February 2017

Review - The Other Side of You by Amanda Craig

About the book

Will must run, or die. He's seen a murder, and the gang on his estate are after him.
Hurt, hungry and afraid, he comes to an abandoned house in a different part of the city. Behind its high fences is a place of safety. Here, he can hide like a wounded beast. He can find food, and healing - and learn how to do more than survive.
But when Will meets Padma, he must choose between his good side and his bad one. For the gang he left behind is still there. How can he live without becoming a killer? How can he love without being a thief?
Exciting, fast-paced and different, this is a story that keeps you reading until the last line.

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My Review

This is the second book that I read as part of the Quick Reads project this year. I adore reading so I am so happy to be helping to promote some of the books featured by Quick Reads, The Reading Agency and Galaxy. 

My first was Looking for Captain Poldark by Rowan Coleman which you can find here

I decided to read The Other Side of You mainly because it sounded really different to anything I had read so far this year. So what did I think... 

As soon as I started reading I was pulled into the story mainly due to the fast paced story. With detailed and descriptive writing I almost felt as if I was running for my life too! 

There were lots of themes running throughout the book including crime, gangs, race and class issues. I loved the friendship that develops between Padma and Will. It was interesting to see Will learn to survive by himself but live with the knowledge he might be found. He has flaws and at times is unlikeable but there is also hope that he will find some happiness. 

I loved the descriptions of where Will found sanctuary it really did come to life before my eyes. To be honest I loved the fact that I didn't know what direction the plot would go in. This definitely kept things interesting.

Fast paced with intriguing characters!

Four stars from me! 

Thank you to Quick Reads, The Reading Agency and FMcM Associates for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion. 


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