Thursday, 23 March 2017

#Review - How Do You Do, Mr Gnu? by Billy Coughlan

About the book

Gnu is delighted to receive an invitation for tea with the queen, but are his manners up to scratch? He’d better start practising.
This is the second hilarious tale by Billy Coughlan with delightful illustrations by Maddie Frost. The whole family will enjoy Gnu’s travels to the palace, brushing up on his manners on the way!
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My Review 

I always enjoy reading books with my children, it's lovely to get all cosy and settled especially with a new book. As soon as my children saw that I had received a book in the post they couldn't wait for me to open it. Then when they saw the cover they instantly wanted me to read it to them. 

So what did we think...

First of all the fun illustrations definitely pop out of the pages. They are big, bright & colourful. My children found them engaging as they spoke about the animals and people that Mr Gnu meets as he travels around London. The story had short sentences that had a good mix of short words along with a selection of longer words. It was lovely for my little boy who is four to see new words that he could learn and for me to explain their meaning.

I loved the sounds that feature in this book especially as they interested my little girl who is two. There are different animals that Mr Gnu meets and both of my children had fun imitating the noises!

As we had been to London last year this was the perfect book to capture their attention and imagination. As I read we talked about the various places in the book that we had visited and about Mr Gnu himself.

The story is a good length and kept both of my little ones attention which can be difficult at times. As soon as I finished reading before I even closed the book my little girl was saying again, again!

A fun & enjoyable story that entertained both of my children!

Thank you to Boolino & Maverick Books for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

About the author

Billy Coughlan

Billy lives in a countryside village in Essex with her husband and two growing children. The family have a motley crew of ponies and dogs and Billy is never happier than when she is knee deep in muck. In fact, she claims this is where she comes up with her stories!
Author of: Not Without my Whale
About the illustrator
Maddie Frost
Maddie Frost grew up in Massachusetts and attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design for animation. Her love of storytelling led her to children’s books and she could never imagine doing anything else. Maddie works by scanning different paper and painted swatches to digitally cut into pieces and composite into one image. She loves to use interesting color palettes, textures and shapes that always feel very intuitive. When she is not working on picture books, she can be found drawing on the couch or in the grass! She lives with her husband and rescued pup, Winnie, in New Hampshire.
Illustrator of: The Snowflake Mistake

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