Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Opposition by Alicia Bryant #Review

About the book

Sophia Grant has worked hard to establish herself as an associate at a big law firm, and she strives to be cautious and level-headed. So the last thing she expected was to find herself falling for her opposing counsel on a case. Worse, the outcome of the case decides the trajectory of her best friend’s life.

It all starts when Sophia finds her best friend Michael waiting in her office one day, bearing unexpected news: his company is suing him for leaking trade secrets to another company, an infraction he swears he didn’t commit. When Sophia agrees to represent him, she meets Sam, the opposing counsel on the case, with whom she strikes up an unexpected and invigorating friendship. As Sophia struggles to untangle the legal case, keep the partners at her firm happy, and protect her friendship with Michael, can she keep her growing closeness with Sam from getting in the way?

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My Review

First of all I have to mention that it has taken me a while to get around to reviewing The Opposition. My TBR pile is pretty out of control but I am slowly getting around to reviewing some of my older book review requests. So what did I think...

I got to know Sophia pretty well as the story plays out, you get to see her at work and also find out about her last relationship too. You can see that Sophia is a little conflicted about taking her friend Michael's case on as it is a little out of her comfort zone. Sophia is determined, honest and hardworking making it pretty easy to like her character. It was interesting to see the connection that Sophia and Sam share it was a slow building chemistry starting with friendship. Despite the fact that Sam represents the opposition he remains charming but still focused and I thought that they complemented each other perfectly. The question is will anything happen because of the case?

The story moves at a good pace and kept my interest throughout, it's an enjoyable read that was perfect for passing a few hours with. If you are a fan of legal dramas than this book could be a good fit as there are some scenes in the courtroom and scenes talking about certain legal processes. Although there is more emphasis on the emotional side as you get to see how Sophia reacts to different situations. Alicia Bryant gives us details of how a court case would work but without going into over the top details which helps to keep things interesting.

A court case, friendship and a sprinkling of romance!

With thanks to Alicia Bryant for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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