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A Warriner To Protect Her by Virginia Heath @VirginiaHeath_ #Review

An heiress in distress and an earl in disgrace…
When heiress Violet Dunston escapes from an abduction she finds an unlikely protector in Jack Warriner―a member of one of England’s most infamous families. Ensconced with mysterious Jack behind his manor's walls, soon escape is the last thing on Letty’s mind!
Jack may be an earl but his father’s exploits have left him with nothing to offer except a tarnished name. He’s turned his back on the ton, but with Letty tempting him day and night, he finds himself contemplating the unthinkable―a society marriage!

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After starting in the middle of The Wild Warriners Series with Joe's story in A Warriner To Tempt Her and absolutely loving it I knew I had to start at the beginning of the series. So what did I think of A Warriner To Protect Her...

In this story we are introduced to Jack along with his three brothers and it's safe to say I was hooked from the start. With quite a few characters it can sometimes be difficult creating a balance between introductions and maintaining the story. Well Virginia Heath manages this brilliantly and made this story come to life. There is plenty of drama but with a wonderful humour there too especially with Jake's mischievous character (I can't wait to read his story) the Warriner brothers really help to make this story extra special. 

What can I say about Jack other than I think I fell for him myself he is strong, determined and protective. Then you have Letty who is brave, strong and also no pushover because of this most of their interactions left me smiling away to myself. There is a gorgeous romance that is slowly built up and I loved how they danced around each other believing the other to be something else. This story moves at a great pace and in no time at all I had finished this book.

A Warriner To Protect Her has it all danger, romance and a fabulous family dynamic. It instantly grabbed hold of me not letting go until the very last page had been turned, I loved every single moment!

Five stars from me!

When Virginia Heath was a little girl it took her ages to fall asleep, so she made up stories in her head to help pass the time while she was staring at the ceiling.

As she got older, the stories became more complicated, sometimes taking weeks to get to the happy ending. Then one day, she decided to embrace the insomnia and start writing them down.

Fortunately, Harlequin Mills and Boon saw some potential in her stories and decided they would publish them. So far, she has been commissioned to write ten books for their Harlequin Historical series. Her first Regency Romance, That Despicable Rogue, was published in May 2016, and since then she hasn't stopped writing. Her 3rd book, The Discerning Gentleman's Guide was shortlisted for a RONA (Romantic Novel of the Year  Award).

After the success of her Wild Warriners quartet, she is currently working on her second series for Harlequin Mills & Boon Historical- The Kings Elite- which should hit the shelves in the Summer of 2018. 

She would love to hear from you on either Facebook or Twitter, especially if you love history as much as she does, and promises to try to remember to Blog about something interesting every month.

A former history teacher and enthusiastic tea drinker, Virginia lives near London with her wonderful husband and two teenagers. When she is not making up stories of her own, Virginia likes to travel to far off places, shop for things she doesn't need, walk her beloved Labrador Trevor and read other peoples' stories.

Despite all of that, it still takes her forever to fall asleep.

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