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A Wedding at The Cosy Cottage Café by Rachel Griffiths @AuthorRG #Review

ARC received from author.

When Allie Jones’ daughter, Mandy, arrives at The Cosy Cottage Café in tears one spring morning, Allie is extremely concerned. She’s been worried about her career-driven daughter for a while, and she’s hoping she’ll finally get to find out what’s wrong.

Dawn Dix-Beaumont has her hands full with three young children, a husband who works from home and the guinea pig family that lives in her garden. She’s happier than she’s ever been, but is it too good to last?

Camilla Dix is madly in love with local vet Tom Stone. Being with Tom and cuddling her baby niece have stirred feelings she didn’t know she had, but it’s far too soon to be making long-term plans. Isn’t it?

Honey Blackwell’s boyfriend, Dane Ackerman, has secured his teaching post at Heatherlea Primary School and they’ve decided to live together. Everything seems to be working out well, until a member of Honey’s household expresses a clear dislike for the handsome teacher.

Plus someone has been planning a proposal…

Join Allie and her friends this summer as cakes are baked, secrets are shared and surprises bring smiles and tears at The Cosy Cottage Café.

This is the fifth short story in The Cosy Cottage Café series.

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I have to start by saying how much I have loved reading this series there is such a wonderful heartwarming feeling with each and every story that is sure to put you in a good mood. I would say that each book can be read as a standalone but you really are missing out on getting to know each character individually. So I would recommend starting with book one just so you can enjoy every single moment!

In this story we get to see how Allie, Dawn, Camilla and Honey are getting on as they deal with parenting issues, love and just life in general. Then of course in regards to the title of the book there is a wedding that was both beautiful and emotional especially after I had spent time getting to know the characters.

One of the best things about this series is the beautiful friendship that this group share they always manage to make me smile and usually you will find me giggling away at some of their antics. I adore books that can make you forget your worries or if you have had a bad day will just wrap you up in a lovely warm bubble. This is definitely one of those books!

 A Wedding at The Cosy Cottage Café has a beautiful charm that will pull you right in with engaging characters and a truly uplifting story. I have to admit I will miss my trips to Heatherlea!

Five stars from me!

With thanks to Rachel Griffiths for my copy.

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