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Nice Guys Finish Lonely by Rachel Dove @WriterDove #Review

If you are a regular visitor to Rae Reads you will know that I really enjoy taking part in blog tours/blitzes but every once in a while I love to pick up a book from my own reading pile. Nice Guys Finish Lonely is a book that I had wanted to read for a while so as soon as I had some spare time I got myself a cuppa, some chocolate and settled down. 

Before we check out my review let's find out more about the book...

On her deathbed, Rory Gallant's mother begs him to be a good man, and to not behave like his caddish father, Doug.

Now 35, Rory is all grown up - a good man, but lonely. He and his pal, Gill, are both on the look out for love, but when a barb from best friend Sarah hits home, they realise that perhaps it's not the nice guys who always win….

Deciding to follow the cad dating rules, and with a bit of help from lothario Doug, Rory and Gill decide to become the complete opposite of the men they really are….but will they find the true love they deserve?

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Well I have to mention the opening chapter I don't think tears have formed that quickly when reading a book it was definitely full of emotion and sets the book and Rory's character up perfectly!

The whole story was a joy to read and I was left smiling away at pretty much the entire book. I loved the message in Nice Guys Finish Lonely and it created a natural and down to earth relatable story that was instantly heartwarming. Sometimes ordinary is anything but and this is portrayed wonderfully.

Rachel Dove always creates the most likeable and engaging characters that will have you rooting for them all the way through! Rory especially is a character that pretty much stole my heart, it was so very easy to fall for him. There is a whole range of different characters in this book from the loveable to the downright unlikeable ones! A special mention has to go to Annabel though, I loved her older beyond her years personality.

One of the things that I enjoyed most was that we get to hear mainly from Rory's perspective it made the story just that little bit more special for me. With some truly funny moments that bring so much warmth along with a fun feeling that is guaranteed to be the perfect pick me up!

Love, friendship and family all wrapped up in a gorgeous story!

Five stars from me!

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