Friday, 6 May 2016

Rae reads... See How They Run by Tom Bale

See How They Run - Tom Bale

About the book:

When Alice and Harry awake to find intruders in their home it is the start of a terrifying nightmare. The men want answers and are even prepared to threaten their baby daughter Evie to get them.
The questions all revolve around a man called Edward Renshaw, the men eventually leave but is it really over?

My thoughts:

I couldn’t believe how much happened in the first couple of chapters, I was hooked right from the start. It didn’t help I was reading at night and it felt so real I had to go and check the door was locked! The pace pretty much kept up throughout the book with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader on their toes.

The characters of Harry and Alice were great, Tom Bale made them come to life and you felt a part of their life. I liked how the story followed both of them each having different experiences. They were a normal family and this made the story more chilling as it felt like this could happen to anyone.


I felt like I had been on a rollercoaster ride, the plot kept me on the edge of my seat and at times it was difficult to put down. I would say just one more chapter and of course that didn’t happen. The characters were well written and I felt like I was on this terrifying journey with them. This is a brilliant thriller that kept my attention throughout and I never knew what was going to happen next. 

This book is full of action and pretty chilling at times, the tension was amazing and I recommend reading this if you are a fan of thrillers. I wish I could have read See How They Run in one sitting it was that gripping!

Five stars from me!

Thank you to Bookouture & Netgalley for my copy to read & review.

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