Monday, 19 September 2016

Blog Tour - Review & Giveaway - Little Kitty the Cat Burglar by Caterina Longtail


Genre: Children’s Fiction
Release Date: 5th September 2015

Little Kitty wouldn’t exactly call herself a cat burglar. She just likes to bring back the occasional gift for her humans... 

A lovely story for younger readers and adults alike - perfect for reading together. Beautifully illustrated by Catie Atkinson and designed by Rachel Lawston.

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The book was written by a group of authors who donated their time free of charge. Each author wrote a chapter of the book. 100% proceeds of the sale of the book are donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK. The authors are: Suzan Collins, Tottie Limejuice, Jo Wilde, JB Johnston, Lucy Rayner, Ros Lyons, Ann Bowyer and Tracy Terry. Together, they became known as Caterina Longtail! The book was edited by Jaine Keskeys.


My Review 

As I have two young children I also enjoy reading childrens books. So I was really happy to read this story and to share it with my children. 

I first read the book by myself and then I read it to my children the next day. Even though the story is maybe more suited to older children. My little ones still enjoyed listening to what Little Kitty got up to. 

My oldest child is three and he thought Little Kitty was great. He especially liked it when she got stuck up a tree and had to be rescued by a fireman!

Little Kitty is such a cheeky character who is also very brave and extremely lovable. I thought that Little Kitty's adventures were brilliant. She got into lots of scrapes in her efforts to get some salmon.

Each chapter is written by a different author and I did wonder if the story wouldn't work as well because of this. However the story flowed beautifully and very smoothly into each chapter.


Little Kitty the Cat Burglar is a sweet, engaging and charming story that is easy to read and very enjoyable!

Five stars from me! 

Thank you to all of the authors and to Brook Cottage Books for my copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion. 

All the proceeds from this book are being donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK which I'm sure you will agree is a worthy cause!



Check out Alzheimer’s Research UK 

‘We are the UK’s leading research charity aiming to defeat dementia. We power world class studies that give us the best chance of beating dementia sooner.

Our pioneering work focuses on prevention, treatment and cure. We are energising a movement across society to support, fund and take part in dementia research. We aim to empower people across all generations through greater understanding of dementia. Together we have the power to defeat dementia.’

‘Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, but there are other types of dementia too. It is possible to have more than one type of dementia at the same time. Alzheimer’s is sometimes seen with vascular dementia or dementia with Lewy bodies. You might hear this called ‘mixed dementia’. (all info taken from Alzheimer’s Research UK website)



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  1. I would love to win it and to read it. I love stories like this. And I enjoy sharing them with my daughter.

    1. It's the perfect book for reading with the little ones! It's lovely to sit and spend time reading a book with them.