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Blog Tour - Excerpt & Giveaway - Don't Mean a Thing by Renee Conoulty

Book Information

Title: Don’t Mean a Thing
Author: Renee Conoulty
Series: Got That Swing #1
Release Date: November 2, 2016
Genres: Chick Lit, Romantic Comedy, Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Kindred Ink Press


What if you finally took the lead, but life refused to follow?

Thirty-year-old introvert, Macie Harman, has finally found a career she is passionate about, and after months of training, she’s begun her new job in the Royal Australian Air Force. Leaving behind her family, friends, and the life she knew, Macie has travelled to the other side of the country where the only person she knows is Rachael, the extroverted girl she went through basic training with. Everywhere Macie goes, Rachael is there too.

While looking for a way to widen her circle of friends in her new town, Macie discovers a local swing dancing class. The jazz music captures her heart, and Matt, the sexy swing dancer, sweeps her off her feet. Matt has claimed the tropical Northern Territory as home and has no plans to leave. He loves his teaching career with its predictable routine and has a great bunch of friends. All he wants now is the right girl to make his house a home.

Military life is tougher than Macie expected, and not everyone can deal with the inevitable separations and last minute changes. Is this exciting but unpredictable life something Macie wants to fight for, or could she give it up and put down roots with Matt?

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“The laundry is downstairs,” Rachael said, retracing our steps to the front door. I avoided glancing in the direction of the kitchen and descended the stairs behind her. The building was held up by a mass of round pillars. This design made the most of the breeze to cool the building back in the days before air-conditioning. Near the front of the undercover expanse was a group of plastic chairs. A bicycle was chained up to a pole. There was a washing line strung up between the beams towards the back.

Rachael walked over to a small room on the far left. “Here it is.”

The door creaked as she pushed it open. Something crunched underfoot as I walked across the concrete floor to inspect the industrial style washing machine. I shuddered at the thought of cockroach guts smeared over my shoe. I dragged my foot sideways to scrape off whatever I’d stepped in. It turned out to be spilt laundry powder. I couldn’t get the image of cockroaches out of my mind, though.

“Do you get many roaches around here?”

“Heaps. Cane toads and green tree frogs too.”

I hadn’t realised the cane toads had come this far. Urgh.

“Thanks for the tour, Rach. I’m going to head up and unpack, then I think I’ll have a nap before dinner. Can you come get me before you go to the mess?” At least by having all my meals at the mess, I had no reason to go into the kitchen.

“No worries.”

Well, I guess I’m home.


Author Biography

Renee Conoulty is an Australian Air Force wife and mother of two. Her debut chick lit novel, Don’t Mean a Thing, is now available through Kindred Ink Press.

When she’s not devouring books, reviewing and blogging on HeySaidRenee, or writing her own stories, Renee can be found swing dancing. Or possibly napping. She tweets about reading and reviewing @HeySaidRenee and about writing, military life and dancing @ReneeConoulty, but hasn’t created a handle for nap talk yet.

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