Sunday, 26 March 2017

#Review - Turning Into Your Mother (The Mills & Boon Modern Girl's Guide) by Ada Adverse

About the book 
Have you ever…?
A) Opened your mouth and heard your mother come out?
B) Wondered whether a bunch of flowers and breakfast in bed once a year really makes up for the 37 hours your mum spent in St Agnes’ Maternity Ward?
C) Voiced a heartfelt opinion on the weather?
If so, the Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to Turning Into Your Mother is for you: a guide to the joys of motherhood – with a feminist twist.
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My Review 

I was so happy to receive The Mills & Boon Modern Girl's Guide to Turning Into Your Mother. I had seen this book a lot on social media and was definitely intrigued! 

So what did I think... 

First of all I have to admit I found myself nodding along to quite a few of the details in this book. I think it would be hard not to especially if you have children yourself. However I think we can all appreciate things from the side of our own mothers too. I loved the pictures that are included they really do go perfectly with the quotes.

It was funny and pretty realistic especially the bit about a trip to the local park. After having a fairly disastrous trip there myself yesterday with my two little ones! Remind me to take reinforcements next time maybe even a whole army to contain their excitement!

With plenty of fun anecdotes on motherhood and of course becoming your own mother you really can enjoy this journey of discovery from A-Z!

If you are looking for a quick read that will definitely make you smile then look no further! 

Happy Mother's Day! 

Thank you to Mills and Boon for my lovely copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion. 

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