Monday, 29 May 2017

Summer at The Cosy Cottage Cafe by Rachel Griffiths @authorRG

About the book

Allie Jones loves her cosy cottage café in the picturesque village of Heatherlea. She has her independence, two grown-up children and two cute cats. Life is settled and she thinks she's happy.

Author Chris Monroe has it all. Critical success, a luxurious London apartment, and the kind of jet-set lifestyle most people dream of. But something's missing.

When a family bereavement throws these two old friends together, they begin to question the true meaning of happiness.

Love is in the air, but do Allie and Chris have room in their hands-on lives for more than a summer fling?

This is the first of four short stories in The Cosy Cottage Café series.

Coming soon:

Autumn at The Cosy Cottage Café
Winter at The Cosy Cottage Café
Spring at The Cosy Cottage Café

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My Review

I have to mention the cover as it is just so pretty and exactly what I could imagine The Cosy Cottage Café looking like. I loved the descriptions of the cafe making it seem just perfect and I wish it was real so I could visit. The food sounds delicious and I was definitely craving scones and pancakes. So I would make sure you don't sit down to read this book on an empty stomach.

Allie was torn between staying in her comfort zone and getting back out there and dating again. I couldn't help but find her character endearing especially when you find out more about her marriage to Roger. She is strong and I loved how she pulled herself together to start her business and make it such a success. Chris was so sweet, I loved the connection between both Allie and Chris. I guess it helped that they had been lifelong friends although at the same time it was also a little sad that they had lost touch.

The group of friends that Allie has were another charming addition especially Camilla because she has some great one liners. This book really does have a wonderful selection of characters and I can't wait to get to know them all even better in the rest of the series.
There were some fun moments too one part stands out where Allie and Chris are in the pub it had me cringing for Allie but it was so funny. I have to admit I read this story in one go everything just seemed to work so well.

Summer at The Cosy Cottage Café has the lovely theme of new beginnings and taking a chance on being happy. When people talk about a hug in a book I have to say that reading this book is exactly this. A delight to read and I was pretty much smiling the whole way through. It's a short story making it perfect to spend a few hours with and completely unwind. I can't wait to visit Heatherlea again and catch up with everyone.

Engaging characters with a gorgeous story!

With thanks to Rachel Griffiths for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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