Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Snugglewump by Lou Treleaven and illustrated by Kate Chappell @maverickbooks

About the book

Molly’s toys are arguing one day about which of them is loved best. As they list their many amazing qualities they forget about the Snugglewump, who goes on a journey and discovers you don’t need bells and whistles to be loved.

A beautiful and emotional tale about a child’s most loved toy. Written by rhyming genius Lou Treleaven with stunning illustrations by Kate Chappell, the Snugglewump is perfect for bedtime.

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My Review

The front cover is quite eye catching what with the bright moon and the night sky in the background so it definitely caught my attention as soon as I saw it. So what did we think...

My two children loved the story of Snugglewump and how he went on a little journey and finally figures out that he is also loved just like the other toys. There is just the right amount of text on each page to keep children interested in the story. It was lovely to see the writing in different places on each page too. A beautiful tale of toys and a little girl, my little ones thought it was quite funny seeing all the toys argue over who was the favourite toy. I have to say the ending is very sweet and had me smiling it really was a perfect way to end the story.

The illustrations were fun and bright but also had a mixture of darker colours too which provided a lovely contrast whilst reading.

I loved that the story is about a comforter and how special they can be to a child, even though they aren't a toy as such they bring comfort to a child that is hard to replace. The rhyming story flows easily and is perfect for reading to your child. Both my four and two year old enjoyed listening to what the Snugglewump got up to and my little boy (4) epecially loved the happy ending.

Sweet, fun & entertaining!

With thanks to Maverick Books for our copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Rae, Dex & Missy

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