Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach by Kat French #Review @KFrenchBooks @AvonBooksUK

About the book

Winnie, Stella and Frankie have been best friends forever.

When their lives unexpectedly unravel, they spontaneously decide to buy a gorgeous B&B on a remote Greek island.

Drenched in hot sun, Villa Valentina is the perfect escape from reality. But when Winnie meets Jesse, their brooding neighbour, she finds that Greece is full of its own complications – not least how attractive he is…

Meanwhile, Frankie and Stella are discovering that Villa Valentina has its own secrets – starting with the large supply of gin in the cellar and the arrival of a famous rock band. A band with one very good-looking member who just might distract Frankie from thoughts of her husband…

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My Review

I have to say that one of my favourite things about this book was the friendship that is portrayed and I couldn't help but want to be a part of their group. It was such a great idea that at a time when all three women are at a crossroads in their lives that Villa Valentina became their ideal new beginning. They are all hurting in some way or another but will everything turn out ok in the end. The three friends all have different personalities but this just makes their friendship seem so realistic.

Skelidos just sounded perfect and I could totally understand why this trio fell under it's spell. The ideal summer read, I can't recommend it enough even though I wasn't relaxing on a beach Kat French did a fantastic job of whisking me away with her gorgeous descriptions. It was so easy imagining the beautiful although fictional island of Skelidos. There is chemistry galore running through this book with various relationships forming but will this group of friends find love?

It really is a brilliant adventure and I loved that Winnie, Frankie and Stella took the leap and dove right in. With a bit of craziness and mishaps galore but with a beautiful charm and lots of fun. There were funny moments and some emotional moments too (I may have had a few tears in my eyes) although I can be pretty emotional, well that's my excuse anyway! It was so easy to become engrossed in The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach meaning I pretty much raced through it over two evenings.

Such a feel good story that is guaranteed to brighten your day!

With thanks to Avon & Netgalley for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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