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Keep You Safe by Melissa Hill @melissahillbks #BlogTour #Review @HQStories

Thank you for joining me on the blog tour for Keep You Safe by Melissa Hill and I'm delighted to be sharing my review. First of all let's take a look at the description for the book...

A mother always knows best. Doesn’t she?
What if your choice for your child could harm someone else’s?
Every mother faces impossible choices. Vaccination is one of the hardest. For single mum Kate O’Hara, there was no decision to make. Her daughter Rosie is one of a small percentage of Irish children who can’t be vaccinated against measles. All Kate can do is hope that her little girl is safe.
For mummy blogger Madeleine Cooper, it was a leap of faith she wasn't prepared to take when she and her husband declined controversial measles jabs for their daughter Clara. All she can do is pray that it’s the right decision.
But when classmates Clara and Rosie both become sick will Kate pay for Madeleine’s choice?
A stunning and addictive new book club read from beloved bestselling Irish author Melissa Hill that explores every mother’s worst fear

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As a parent we all want what is best for our child and we all do things that maybe another parent may decide not to do. A lot of the time parenting is finding your way through many obstacles and worries to get through the other side with a healthy and happy child. Once I read the blurb I was very intrigued as to how things would play out. Now the topic of vaccinations is a highly emotive subject along with many other parenting issues. You only need to go onto a baby/parenting forum to see posts with strong convictions for either side on multiple matters. As shown brilliantly with the little snippets from blog posts etc included within the story. I went into this book just expecting a similar battle of wills between the parents and I guess to be honest it was an altogether different experience. Yes there is the the inevitable reaction of wanting to blame someone and let's face it when you fell helpless blaming someone sometimes appears to be the best course of action. I admit my children have been vaccinated, I felt it was the right thing to do I looked into the subject and made my choice. This is exactly the point it basically comes down to making a choice, as a parent we are bombarded with information and both Kate and Madeleine make the decision they are most comfortable with. 

I liked that both sides were given and as the reader you got to experience the feelings of both parents and to see the fallout from the choices that are made. The subject is bound to have an emotional pull to the reader and I know I definitely felt this way. Even though I went into this story thinking that everything was going to be black and white that really isn't the case at all. Melissa Hill has created some fascinating characters who I have to admit I may not have always agreed with their actions but they are still engaging. In real life situations people are not perfect they may make mistakes and this made the story all the more believable.

It's definitely an emotive and thought provoking story making me sit up and listen mainly due to the questions that were bound to be raised. There are lots of different themes within the book such as family, guilt and love all wrapped up in a drama that held my attention throughout. By the end I was invested in both Madeleine and Kate's story and also their connection through everything they experience. 

Heartbreaking moments that had me getting very teary eyed which goes to show the brilliantly written story gave me such a connection to the characters. I had to read Keep You Safe in one sitting the plight of both families keeping me on tenterhooks.

With thanks to Anna at HQ for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

A USA Today and No. 1 Irish times and Italian best-seller, Melissa Hill’s books are translated into 25 different languages. One of her titles has been optioned for a movie by a major Hollywood studio, and another is currently in development for TV with a top US production company. Visit her website at or contact her on Twitter @melissahillbks, or melissahillbooks on Facebook and Instagram.

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