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The Wedding Shop on Wexley Street by Rachel Dove @WriterDove #BlogTour @BrookCottagebks @HQDigitalUK #Giveaway #Review

I'm thrilled to be sharing my review for The Wedding Shop on Wexley Street by Rachel Dove as part of the blog tour today. There is also an extract and a fab giveaway to enter! First of all though let's take a look at the description for the book...

Series: Westfield village series #3

Genre: romantic fiction

Release Date: 10th August 2018

Publisher: HQ Digital

Maria is ready to say 'yes' to the dress!

As owner of Happy Ever After, Maria Mallory is Westfield's resident wedding planner, spending her days making dreams come true for future brides.
Maria even has her own perfect day planned out too, she just needs to find the right man. So when she falls in love with local celeb Darcy Burgess she can't believe her luck – it was finally her turn for her Happy Ever After. Or so she thought.

Jilted at the altar, Maria can't believe that her fairytale ending hasn't come true. She's ready to give up on love once and for all. But little does she know that once you stop looking for it, love has a way of surprising you…

A laugh-out-loud romance, perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Tilly Tennant.



Two hours later, Maria found herself in Harrogate, squeezed into the red dress, heels pinching her feet, wondering why the hell she wasn't sat on Cass's couch eating ice cream and crying. She said the same to Cass as they walked on tottering heels to the nearest trendy bar, Ice, in the wine bar and posh eatery part of Harrogate's city centre, which, coincidentally, butted up against the legal quarter of Harrogate, and no doubt the two sides kept each other in business quite well too. Walking into Ice with Cassie, it was hard to ignore the stares that her friend attracted. Cassie Welburn was, let's face it, sex on a twenty nine year old stick. She was always tanned thanks to her meticulous salon treatments, plucked and shaped to perfection, and tonight, as usual, was dressed to kill. Even Maria's daring red dress looked tame in light of Cassie's black and silver dress, slashed to the thigh, combined with sparkly silver heels that make Cassie even taller than her just under six foot frame. Maria blushed and nudged Cass's elbow with her own.

"People are staring Cass." Cassie shrugged.

"Let them stare, girl. Don't worry, I've got your back." Maria belatedly realised that tonight, thanks to that ridiculous article, the stares may indeed be for her and not her glamorous friend. She cringed inwardly, and planted a smile on her face.  She took her friend by the arm, and pushing her boobs out and her chin up, she headed to the bar. "Let's get smashed," she declared.

Whenever I pick up a book by Rachel Dove I know that there will be engaging characters along with a story that has warmth, humour and heartwarming vibes and this book is a perfect example. In this story we meet Maria on what should be the happiest day of her life but ends up turning into a disaster. I was instantly drawn to Maria and her hilarious but warm hearted friend Cassie their friendship was a definite highlight for me. It was so lovely to see both Cassie and Maria trying to navigate some pretty tricky situations but also being there for each other.

Life doesn't necessarily run smoothly for Maria but then this is a realistic way of showing that there will be bumps in the road but there is a possibility it might lead you to something even better. A fun, heartfelt and well paced story that kept me entertained all the way through. I ended up reading this book over one evening it was one of those moments where it got to around 11pm but I only had a few chapters to go. So of course I had to finish it to see how it would all end not just for Maria but for Cassie too.

There is friendship, love and all sorts of drama in between but this made it such an entertaining and wonderful story!

Five stars from me!
With thanks to Brook Cottage Books for my copy.

I am a writer and teacher, living in West Yorkshire with my husband, our two sons, and our furry pets.

In July 2015, I won the Prima magazine and Mills & Boon Flirty Fiction Competition, with my entry, The Chic Boutique on Baker Street, out now in ebook and paperback. The Flower Shop on Foxley Street followed this in 2017 and both books hit the Amazon top 200. Chic Boutique got to #2 in the rural life humour chart and is regularly in the top 100 of that chart.

I am the winner of the Writers Bureau Writer of the Year Award in 2016 and I have had work published in the UK and overseas in various magazines.

My next book, The Long Walk Back, is out in January 2018 and I am currently writing the last book in the Westfield series. My first book with Manatee Books, Nice Guys Finish Lonely, is out in April 2018 in ebook and paperback. I love to write romantic fiction, both rom-com and harder hitting women's fiction.

I am also a post 16 teacher and am undertaking an MA in Creative Writing at Teesside University.

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  1. This sounds a lovely story. My wedding was a little bit sailor themed as my husband was in the forces. We married the Saturday then the day after we moved 300 miles from home to live in quarters.