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Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil by Louise and Noam Lederman

 I am delighted to be sharing my reviews today for the fab Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil by Louise and Noam Lederman. As ever I have had help from my two children Dex & Missy. So what did we think...

Follow Mikey the Monkey on his journey as he hears some incredible new sounds and meets some friendly musical animals along the way who invite him to sing and play with them.

"How are you making that beautiful sound? What is this music you have found"?

Mikey is a singing monkey who embarks on a musical adventure to find global fame but discovers along the way that he must work with others to make his dream come true.
On his journey, Mikey the Monkey meets Larry the Lion, Ella the Elephant, Ziggy the Zebra and Gina the Giraffe, each of whom play a musical instrument they teach him about, and then invite him to sing with them. Each time he declines and continues on his journey to find fame. Finally he hears an incredible sound and sees all of the animals playing their instruments together and realises that when people work together, dreams can come true.

This sweet, captivating rhyming book is designed for young children from 0-5 as an introduction to musical instruments and sounds. It even has an activity page to show you how to make your own instruments at the end and also shows children how working together as part a team is always best!

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Jungle Jam

So I have to tell you first of all how excited my two children were when we received Jungle Jam in the post. I immediately had demands to read it straight away so what did we think...

Let's start with the illustrations as they are eye catching, fun and fit in with the story brilliantly. All of the animals are drawn in a way that their personalities show from a lion who plays piano to a giraffe that plays a saxophone. I would have to say that both my little ones loved the zebra who plays guitar, I think it was the cool sunglasses he wore!

I love to travel so the premise of going on an adventure is a hit with me and I loved how Mikey met the animals along the way. The different words used in this story are varied and also range from basic words right through to words that are longer and that my four year old son may not have come across regularly which I loved. My son has verbal dyspraxia so his speech is delayed and finding books that help to create the sounds he struggles with can sometimes be a little difficult. However because of such a broad range of words and sounds used I found it perfect for him and my son was repeating a lot of the words back to me. Which was pretty amazing as when we just do his speech therapy he can get bored easily where as Jungle Jam helped to keep his attention all the way through.

My children are always singing songs and the music theme really made the story all the more entertaining for them. The whole story flows perfectly with a wonderful rhyming style that made reading so easy and actually a lovely story to read. I love how the idea of teamwork has been incorporated into the story which is a great lesson for children.

The activity pages at the back of the book are a lovely touch and I'm sure now the summer holidays are here we will be attempting them very soon. Jungle Jam is a perfect length and is a favourite book with not only my children but also me! 

A delight to read and share with my children!

With thanks to Louise and Noam Lederman for our copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

The band is getting ready for their biggest show yet. They are going to Brazil in a jumbo jet." Gina the Giraffe loves being part of the Jungle Jam band but she is nervous about leaving her home and trying new things. Follow Gina on her courageous journey and learn about the fabulous music and culture of Brazil. This sweet, captivating rhyming book is designed for young children as an introduction to new sounds, cultures and musical instruments. Jungle Jam in Brazil shows children that they can do anything they want if they simply try their best and be 'brave and strong'.

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Jungle Jam in Brazil

Of course once we had all read Jungle Jam I had two very excited children who wanted to continue the story and find out what happens next in Mikey and his friends exciting journey. I loved that on the very first page we are shown the band and also given their names so we could all say their names and what animals they are before we started the story. Again there was the lovely rhyming style that makes the story flow smoothly and ever so easily. I would almost say that I liked the theme a little more in this story as we are introduced to Gina the Giraffe who is a little scared and unsure during her visit to Brazil. With my little boy starting school in September I thought it may help reinforce the idea of new experiences being a positive thing and even though you feel scared you can try to be brave and try new things. The delightful friendships that were made in Jungle Jam continue here as they all support Gina in her fears and help to build her confidence.

Just like in the first book there is a brilliant variety of words that is perfect for extending a child's vocabulary. The illustrations are as ever fun and bright, my little girl was constantly pointing at the pictures and talking about what she saw. I loved the level of engagement that my children seemed to take from both books, so big thumbs up from me!

The activity page in this story is a little different as there are ten musical instruments hidden and you have to find them in the picture. Both my children loved this activity and every time we read this book we also have to look for the instruments.

A sweet and engaging story!

With thanks to Louise and Noam Lederman for our copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Husband and wife team Noam and Louise Lederman from North London had an idea for a children’s book series six years ago when their first child was born. They dreamt of writing a children’s book series combining their passion for music and education. Both Louise and Noam believe that music can have a huge impact on early development for children and found this was an area that was not fully available to them for their children. So they took the plunge and decided to do it themselves!

It has been scientifically proven that young children are more than capable of learning music and that it can help them in many other areas of physical and emotional development, giving them confidence and creating a positive influence for their future.

Jungle Jam has been a labour of love for both Noam and Louise and they have spent a great deal of time creating and developing their book ideas whilst building their family. Jungle Jam is dedicated to their children, Rafa and Mimi.

Noam Lederman is a musician, educator and author and has built a successful music career combining performance and writing. He has written more than 100 music publications that have sold over a million copies worldwide. In 2014 Noam founded the company Jungle Jam Publishing. In April 2015 Noam was appointed as the Principal of The Academy of Rock – an award-winning franchise of music schools in Asia. To find out more about Noam please visit his website.
Louise Lederman spent many years working in Marketing, PR and Events predominantly for charities and education companies. She worked for numerous disability charities including the National Autistic Society, Sense and Langdon, and feels she has a deep understanding of disability and SEN (Special Educational Needs). Louise always had a passion for writing and becoming a mother inspired her to fulfil her dream.


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