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Her Secret by Kelly Florentia @kellyflorentia @urbanebooks #Review

 ARC received from author and publisher.

After being in a long-term relationship for eight years, Audrey Fox never thought she'd tie the knot. But at the age of forty-two, fate throws her a lifeline and she finally has it all - a loving husband, successful career, beautiful family and loyal friends. Life couldn't be better for Audrey ... until a family member entrusts her with a secret that threatens trouble in paradise.
Lying to her new husband definitely wasn't on the cards when Audrey took her vows, but now she feels there's no other choice. She either keeps the secret or risks hurting the people that she loves. And then just when the dust seems to settle, an old flame turns up and creates a storm that could bring her world crashing down ...
Unable to discuss her dilemma with her significant friends Louise and Tina, or sister-in-law Vicky, the cracks begin to show. Torn between her husband and the people she's known and loved for years, Audrey's perfect life begins to spiral out of control. Where do her loyalties lie and whom can she trust? Because there's no smoke without fire and everyone has secrets ... don't they?

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I love to be surprised when reading and Her Secret was perfect at providing those moments. After reading No Way Back and loving Audrey's character I couldn't wait to catch up with her in this book. I will point out that Her Secret equally works well as a standalone however to truly benefit from the characters history it may be best to start with book one. 

So as this book begins everything seems calm and peaceful in Audrey's life but before long she is caught in yet another tangled web with a certain secret causing all sorts of trouble. It really is an addictive story and before I knew it I was half way through and in absolutely no rush to put it down. Kelly Florentia has created a fabulous character in Audrey and even though she has her flaws (don't we all) I love her personality. With a good mix of characters who will have you feeling a range of emotions from love to hate. They all bring something to the story whether it be shocks or smiles.

Things get pretty complicated for Audrey but I absolutely loved all of the twists and turns along with feeling sorry for her and the way things kept spiralling. With a wonderful mix of drama, love and friendships this story is a truly addictive tale. Kelly Florentia excels at writing a story filled with secrets and surprises along with the creation of a complex and compelling set of characters!

Five stars from me!

With thanks to Kelly Florentia and Urbane for my copy.

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