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Our Little Lies by Sue Watson @suewatsonwriter #BlogBlitz @bookouture #Review

 Thank you for stopping by I'm thrilled to be sharing my review for Our Little Lies by Sue Watson as part of the blog blitz today. First of all though let's take a look at the description for the book...

Marianne has a life others dream of. A beautiful townhouse on the best street in the neighbourhood. Three bright children who are her pride and joy.

Sometimes her past still hurts: losing her mother, growing up in foster care. But her husband Simon is always there. A successful surgeon, he’s the envy of every woman they’ve ever met. Flowers, gifts, trips to France – nothing is too good for his family.

Then Simon says another woman’s name. The way he lingers on it, Caroline, gives Marianne a shudder of suspicion, but she knows she can’t entertain this flash of paranoia.

In the old days, she’d have distracted herself at work, but Marianne left her glamorous career behind when she got married. She’d speak to a friend, but she’s too busy with her children and besides, Simon doesn’t approve of the few she has left.

It’s almost by accident that Marianne begins to learn more about Caroline. But once she starts, she can’t stop. Because what she finds makes her wonder whether the question she should be asking is not ‘should she be jealous’, but... ‘should she be scared’?

Fans of The Girl on the Train and I Let You Go looking for a dark, gripping psychological thriller, with a final twist that will put their jaw on the floor, will love Our Little Lies.

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I'm not really sure where to start other than by saying that I absolutely loved every tense and twisty moment! It was so easy to become immersed in this family as we see Marianne and Simon dealing with a fair amount of secrets. To begin with the pacing is steady as we get to know Marianne how she thinks, feels and wondering why she acts the way she does in certain situations. All the while there is this darker undercurrent that every so often surfaces helping to increase the tension. 

The thing I loved the most was how I was kept on my toes as I changed my mind constantly. I went through quite a few different emotions but the main one was anger! There were times when my blood boiled with one despicable character at it's centre. You can feel Marianne's desperation and her sadness as she is determined to keep her family. One message this book puts across perfectly is that appearances can be deceptive, something that looks perfect often isn't!

If you are looking for a book that will get inside your head making you think, feel tense along with having a dark and addictive edge then Our Little Lies is perfect. Prepare to be shocked pretty much the whole way through with the characters actions. I think the personalities were developed brilliantly as we see an insight into their pasts all adding an extra depth making them even more interesting.

Sue Watson really ramped up the tension throughout and I felt as if I was taken on quite a twisted journey with this family. One way of describing this book would be that it was just like watching a slow cooker. Seeing the pressure slowly but surely build, taking the lid off and then releasing all that pressure! Phew and relax!

Lies, manipulations and an extremely tense plot, just brilliant!

With thanks to Kim at Bookouture for my copy via Netgalley.

Sue Watson was a journalist then TV Producer at the BBC until she wrote her first book and was hooked. 

She's now written thirteen novels - many involving cake - and her books have been translated into Italian, German and Portuguese. Originally from Manchester, Sue now lives with her husband and teenage daughter in Worcestershire where much of her day is spent procrastinating while eating cake (for research purposes), and watching 'My 600lb Life,' on the sofa.

Sue explored the darker side of life for her latest book 'Our Little Lies,' a dark, psychological thriller completely devoid of cake. She's hoping this change in direction will be reflected on the weighing scales.

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