Thursday, 4 August 2016

Rae reads... Dr Hedgehog by Jerry Mushin

About the books:

Dr Hedgehog is about just that – A Hedgehog, who is a doctor. He loves to help, but all he wants is his steaming cup of cabbage tea.

Little Martin Mouse is always getting himself in to more trouble than he is able to deal with. But Dr Hedgehog always comes to the rescue, with the help of all the farm animals, they always manage to get Martin Mouse out of trouble and back home safe to his ever-worried mother.

A series of lovable stories, these picture books have been beautifully illustrated with a very nature-esque essence interwoven throughout. Take a look and discover what Dr Hedgehog has to offer.

The River Rescue

Martin Mouse walks across a frozen river and falls through the melting ice. He can’t get out. How does Fred Frog help Dr Hedgehog to get him to the edge of the river?

The Tree Rescue

Martin Mouse climbs a tree to pick some leaves for his teacher, and he can’t get back down. How does Henry Horse help Dr Hedgehog to get him down?

The Post Box Rescue

Mavis Mouse can’t find her son. Martin Mouse has fallen into a post box and can’t climb out. How does Dr Hedgehog get him out?

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My thoughts:

This three book collection comes in a lovely strong cardboard case that keeps them neat and tidy, it also look great on a bookshelf. The typical story is that Martin Mouse finds himself in a tricky situation. Along comes Dr Hedgehog with other fun animal characters to resolve the situation that Martin has found himself in. Even though these books feature the same characters they are standalone stories.

All 3 stories are written in a lovely style, with interesting stories that aren't too long and complicated. My son managed to keep his focus on what was happening as they are easily understood with a clear message.

We really enjoyed talking about what was happening whilst we were reading. When I asked my son which story he preferred he chose The Post Box Rescue, however he did really enjoy all three books.

The illustrations are engaging and my son especially liked the fact that Dr Hedgehog drove a car made out of an old baked beans tin!


The Dr Hedgehog 3 book collection is engaging and perfect for young children!

Four stars from me!

Thank you to Sweet Cherry Publishing who very kindly sent these books for myself and my children to enjoy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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