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The Intruder by P.S. Hogan @HJ_Barnes @TransworldBooks #Review

Thank you for stopping by I'm delighted to be taking part in the blog tour and sharing my review for The Intruder by P. S. Hogan today. First of all though let's take a look at the description for the book...

He has the key to hundreds of houses. 

Maybe even to yours.
William Heming is an estate agent. He’s kept a copy of every key to every house he’s ever sold. Sometimes he visits them. He lets himself in – quietly, carefully – to see who lives there now, what they’re like, what they’ve been doing.
But what will happen when he gets caught?
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Well I think we can all agree after reading the description of this story that we all might want to change our locks, I know I did! The premise is pretty creepy as in turn is the main character but there is something so compelling about William that makes you completely focus on him. There were moments when even though some of his actions were extreme I couldn't help but slightly like some of his methods of revenge (is that really wrong). I definitely became caught up in this story, William is meticulous and ordered in his ways and I loved finding out about his youth. He has a chilling and direct personality that really pulls you in and make you worry about what he will do next.

The story moves steadily so if you are looking for non stop action you may be disappointed. However I really enjoyed how the author takes his time introducing the reader to William and building his character up. 

It didn't take me long to read The Intruder mainly because I just had to know how it would all end. There are a few surprises within the story and I liked the fact that I was kept on my toes as to which direction the story would take next.

Creepy and unsettling at times The Intruder really makes for an addictive read!

Four stars from me!

With thanks to Hayley Barnes for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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