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The Cottage on Lily Pond Lane - Part Four by Emily Harvale @emilyharvale #BlogTour @rararesources #Review

Thank you for stopping by I'm delighted to be sharing my review for The Cottage on Lily Pond Lane - Part Four by Emily Harvale as part of the blog tour today. First of all let's take a look at the description for the book...

Part Four Trick or Treat

Mia Ward was amazed to inherit her great-aunt Matilda’s thatched cottage in the tiny seaside village of Little Pondale – especially as Mia didn’t know she had a great-aunt Matilda. She was even more astonished to discover she’d only inherit the place if she lives there for a year.

But a lot can happen in a very short time, and life in Little Pondale is not going quite as Mia hoped. She may have finally beaten one fear, but now heartbreak threatens to drown her.

And when at last, she starts to unravel the mystery of Matilda’s past, she uncovers an extraordinary plan for her own future. Now just who can Mia trust?

As the nights draw in and cold winds steal through Sunbeam Cottage, she turns to an unlikely source for comfort and support. But with the fortune teller’s warning still ringing in her ears, is Mia about to make the biggest mistake of her life?

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Well I have really enjoyed getting to know Mia and her friends it has been such a fun and drama filled journey. With this story being in parts I would advise reading in order just so it all makes sense and you get a better feel for the characters and events. I will try to be as vague as possible just so that if you do start with part one then it won't ruin anything.

At the centre of the story has been the mystery over Mia's great aunt and it has made me so curious as to what would happen in the end once Mia discovers the truth. Mia is such a likeable character and her friendship with Ella has been a highlight for me. There is romance and love in the air but will there be a happy ending for everyone?

There is a lovely charm to not just this part of the story but the whole book and it is written with humour which makes it even more enjoyable. After each part I was eager to start the next and see what was in store for Mia not only in her complicated love life but in discovering Matilda's secrets. Emily Harvale has created some wonderful characters and a brilliant setting in Little Pondale along with throwing in some surprises that kept me on my toes!

I'm already looking forward to Christmas on Lily Pond Lane which I believe will be a standalone.

What can I say other than this book was fun and heartwarming!

Five stars from me!

With thanks to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for my copy.

Having lived and worked in London for several years, Emily returned to her home town of Hastings where she now spends her days writing... and chatting on social media. Emily is a Member of the SoA, a PAN member of the RWA and a Pro Member of ALLi. She's an Amazon bestseller and a Kindle All Star. Emily loves writing and her stories are sure to bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart.

Emily says, "I write about friendship, family and falling in love. I believe in happing endings." When she isn't writing, she can be found enjoying the stunning East Sussex coast and countryside, or in a wine bar with friends, discussing life, love and the latest TV shows. Chocolate cake is often eaten. She dislikes housework almost as much as she dislikes anchovies - and will do anything to avoid both.

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